Pastor’s Message Pastor

Welcome to one of the most exciting spiritual times of your life!

This is a campus with a dedication to individual experience of faith, and spirituality through active service. The school life is a time filled with so many opportunities to grow closer to God, a time to build a friendship with Jesus, and to study Scripture. Students are involved in prayer, Bible study groups, unique worship, and a variety of ministry and service opportunities that will form a spiritual foundation for a lifetime of service.

As a Christian institution, the College integrates regular religious worship and religious activities into the school program. Commencing at sunset on Friday evening and concluding at sunset on Saturday evening, the seventh day of the week (Saturday) is observed as a day for religious worship, prayer, praise, Bible study, fellowship and outreach to those less fortunate in the community. Worship services are held on Saturday mornings at 9.30 a.m. and 10.45 a.m. for students, staff members, and the community. The campus also holds daily morning worships and evening vespers, a weekly prayer meeting, and Friday vespers on Friday nights at 7 p.m. Each term, Lakpahana celebrates a Week of Prayer, featuring guest presenters and student speakers. Other religious activities are occasionally organized and presented by students, many of whom are gifted in music and drama.

God’s blessings!

The Pastor

Student work study programwork & study

One of our age old programs at Lakpahana Adventist College is the work education program. It is as old as when God appointed the first man to manually labor. We as a school have taken great pride and enjoyed for the past 90 years this practical program. No other school offers this kind of education where children learn skills which enables them to be physically strong, gain knowledge and be independent in daily chores starting from sweeping to fixing an electric wire. Ultimately we train the child to serve God and their fellow human begin for our mission is “Educate for service



Pathfinder club

This is a worldwide program where Christian or non Christian youth are encouraged to physically, mentally and spiritually grow in many areas. It is with great enthusiasm that we as a school offer this program at Lakpahana. The natural environment with lush green lawns, beautiful landscape full of fresh air gives the right kind of mind set for a child to get into a program like this. The school supports and upholds this program at all times. The students are very enthusiastic and have good staff members who lead the program.



The Lakpahana chapel is used to hold academic and religious functions such as, school concerts, graduation commencements, mid-week & vesper services as well as Sabbath services.  The chapel has the capacity of seating more than 700 persons.



Lakpahana has three main boarding facilities as listed below.

The “Robinson Hall” is named after former principal shelters the boys who study at Lakpahana.

The “Pederson Hall” named after a long standing donor shelters the boarding girls.

The ”Kiddies corner” is called home by our little ones aged 5 to 10.

Boys hostal



The Kate Wagner Library Established in 1966 is ranked the best or one of the best school libraries in any Sri Lankan schools. It has thousands of volumes in the three main languages and has just recently installed a computer server system that now gives students access to over five million books online.



IT Lab

Lakpahana IT centre was donated by the Danish government in 2005 and consists of high speed computer with full internet access.





Also known as the “Sadler Hall” provides wholesome vegetarian meals to all boarders. Most of the food provided at the cafeteria is grown on campus.