Lakpahana operates a variety of industries to provide work experience for students as part of the curriculum and to provide financial support for the school. This is an expanding area for the school and current industries include:



In addition to providing bread and other baked goods for the school cafeteria the  bakery sells products in nearby towns and villages. Headed by two experienced bakers the bakery also provides a six month training program for individuals interested in learning the bakery trade.





Lakpahana has a long history of operating a poultry farm for eggs to supply to the school and sell commercially. This industry had been dormant for some time but is now restarted.






A small dairy is being expanded with the assistance of dairy experts from departments in the Sri Lanka  agriculture departments assisting dairy farmers.





Organic Farming:vegitable

In its infancy stage Lakaphana is joining the world wide push for organic products especially in the vegetable and fruit areas.

 Fruits and Vegetables:

Scattered throughout the estate and on the main campus area the school ism planting and maintaining areas for fruits and vegetables of an ever increasing variety.



Coconut Estate:

About 100 acres of  Lakpahana are dedicated to a coconut plantation. The school is in an active program to upgrade the entire coconut plantation.